ED259B5B-4069-4AB7-8B07-6DE82BAB9DFEAs Frugal February draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on repairs. I am fascinated by objects that are loved so much or that are so necessary that they are patched or pieced back together. Like this child’s dress  that I found in a box of free things on the sidewalk.

A1FC4714-29BC-4459-8731-7F85F557E5F6My guess is that it dates from the 1910s or 1920s. There are so many places where the cotton has been carefully stitched up, its cater hoping to get a few more wears ou5 of it. It was also a little stained when I found it, but I used my laundry-fu to make it white again.

6BA13B22-6E42-46C7-9F2C-ECCDF09DB7D5Here’s a repair project I’m rather proud of. This watch was in the big bag of broken watches I bought a few weekends ago. It was ticking but missing a crystal. So I harvested a replacement from a non-runner. Actually I broke a few harvested crystals before I found success. I am so proud of myself that I may hang on to this baby just so I can brag about it.