Making Investments

4428A972-DEFC-4793-A714-3A18BA9FE219Hello March! Here’s a wee recap of Frugal February. While I failed in my attempts to buy nothing, the intention did slow me down a little. It also helped me redouble my efforts to getter better use of the better things I already have. Take for example this alligator handbag I bought last year. It’s super luxe, but the clasps were broken and the original chain strap kept getting caught in everything.

To solve the closure issue, I took the bag to Sole Survivor in Kensington Market. The shop is run by  Lori Agolli and a whole crew of women cobblers. And they are great at taking on any project you can throw at them.

To fix the strap issue, I searched for months for a beater purse that I could harvest a chain from. But I always felt bad about breaking up a bag. On Wednesday I found a long necklace with a leather wrapped chain that worked just fine. Restoration is complete!

2F455A6F-34B6-4BB1-9526-DC4C31630485Speaking of chains, I BUNZ traded some Edison bulbs for watches back in January. One of the timepieces was an 18k Rado. It was working but not keeping good time so I took it to my watchmaker Shane Ede for a cleaning.

I picked it up yesterday and it’s running like a champ now. But one problem remained: I couldn’t find a strap that was small enough for this teeny tiny timepiece.

When it comes to high end objects, I like to leave the skilled repair work to the experts like Agolli and Ade. But some fixes I like to take on myself. At first I was going to buy some velvet ribbon and make my own band, but, inspired by the leftover necklace chain, I improvised a chain bracelet. I like it a lot but will eventually upgrade to a real gold (or gilt silver) chain. You know, when I’m rich.