Freiburg Thrift

01214A49-5DD4-43B4-A634-1279AFA98B98.jpegWhen visiting Baselworld, I like to stay on the German side of the border. It’s cheaper and it gives you an excuse not to linger too long at parties.

Specifically I like to stay in Freiburg. It is a nice University town so there is a lively cultural scene and it is also where my great-great grand parents lived before moving to Canada. AB128505-C0B3-4423-8501-FC490536D5EEThis year I also decided to find accommodations closer to the central train station. The hostel is also located near a cool second hand shop.

I visited this shop before (I bought a teeny tiny pocket watch there two years ago). This time it was well stocked with more great vintage jewels (as well as linens and Bavarian drindls but there’s no room in my luggage for those).D815FDB8-BC06-4C9A-9778-73378F1A41B2In short, I picked up a super seventies, Stainless Steel Seiko (check out the matte black dial, the  discrete date window at six o’clock and the patent strap).

While I was there I also spotted a lot of amber pieces but I thought, nah, I should just limit myself to one thing. But yesterday my joints were all achey and while I don’t believe in woo per se, I do subscribe to the healing power of gemstones and amber is traditionally used as a pain killer. And a chunky amber necklace is on my list of things I am allowing myself to purchase (that and a jade bangle to replace one that I had that broke). So I went back and bought it. It’s hand knotted which adds reassurance that I won’t lose all the beads if it breaks.

On Saturday I will hit the flea market in Basel. Maybe they’ll have one there!