Copenhagen Thrift

9EC0CE6B-3981-4CB6-AD2A-42854D358C38.jpegOn Monday I went on a big thrift Safari in Copenhagen. I had envisioned coming across a treasure trove of Danish Modern goodness. I came away with absolutely zero treasure. Here’s why.

7A62D003-F11F-4EF4-9F7E-F28D3003FF78.jpegI visited two neighbourhoods —Nørrebro And Vesterbro. Both have a significant number of  second hand shops. I went to Vesterbro first because If was in walking distance of my hotel. In retrospect, I should have gone to Nørrebro first because it had more shops and most were closing by the time I got there.

66D500E8-BAC0-46DB-8119-CCC2A4B21BFB.jpegIt is also home to the Red Cross Megastore, which had boundless MCM bounty, but nothing small enough to fit in my suitcase.

F1C20658-7636-4C45-B24E-D256A7D6961A.jpegSo back to the beginning of the day. I hit up a bunch of shops. One chain, called Prag, had a Kensington Market mix of true vintage, whimsical modern things like Tutus and African imports. There were also a bunch of carefully curated boutiques that didn’t have a lot of selection (and they seemed to favour the kitschy American version of mid century modern.709341B9-DAFA-4B57-B48B-6450E4969578.jpegD61DBC26-61BA-461B-8E64-A0330F01EDE4.jpegAgain at the charity shops (Red Cross, Top Genbrug), there wasn’t a lot of selection — especially for small s, which is what I was looking for.