Happy Monday

8047B8F7-EC98-4E9C-8B0D-47A670511520Long weekend update. Hung out with Mr. Andrew. Hung out with family. Hung out with friends.

E9E03135-8944-4164-B2F3-0944B14BCDCAMostly it was a super relaxing weekend. We saw some movies (Girls TripIsle of Dogs and Death of Stalin). They were both good. And I woke up Sunday morning (after a love to find a surprise package from my friend Amy on my porch. It contained a beautiful dress and this very cool top. I wish I had a better picture.

And we went to the Banya, followed by a food adventure to Mississauga Chinatown. I picked up the jade saddle ring and an agate bangle pictured above. I’ve had a bunch of these bangles and rings over the years and I always end up dropping them and breaking them. It used to be easier to replace them. But I’ve been searching for new ones for at least a year with no luck (well not that I could afford). But I found a cool agate bracelet and a jade ring in Mississauga.

I’m so relaxed and floaty feeling right now. Hopped up on being contented.