44305593-2F3D-4328-8A33-AE61B0C5878CMr. Andrew and I went on a whirlwind trip to New York and for once I hardly bought anything. So consider this a self-congratulatory post about my newfound iron will. Just ignore the part about how the two things I did get were completely unnecessary and frivolous even.

Like the cushion pictured above. I can’t not go to Flying Tiger if I’m in a city that had one. The fact that Manhattan has three and I only visited one indicates super human self control. My shopping enthusiasm was also tempered by the fact that anything I bought, I had to carry around with me. But I couldn’t resist this cushion and rationalized the purchase by saying that it would be useful as a head rest on the Megabus ride back to Toronto (it was).

85AD101D-D09B-4ABD-AB73-B6AD5792A246I also bought this Red Nose Day schnozz  at the Walgreens. It cost a Dollar with proceeds going to combat child poverty and they rang a bell every time somebody bought one. It was a Pavlovian response, I swear.

3388C957-8D6A-42A9-A5CD-5F46C38CB971Oh wait, I lied. I also bought some Fresh Seaberry Nourishing Handcream. My mitts already look two years younger. So totally necessary, not at all frivolous.