Culture Club

3BA85A04-486C-4267-BE2E-AA91BB92C54A.jpegInstead of buying stuff during our short stay in New York, we took in as many experiences as we could. We stayed at the new Pod Times Square so most of our adventures were mid-townish. The hotel turned out to be directly across the street from our friend Dave’s place. We went with him to see “Blockers” at the Times Square AMC.

175CE92E-97C0-4E51-B5C2-E64D7E878D4B(I had AMC Gift cards so as part of my astute budgeting plan, we also ate “dinner” there—mmmm, cookie dough candy and a bucket of popcorn).

I did have some business to attend to during the day (more on that tomorrow), but visiting people in high rises also allows for some interesting ariel views.

My friends Josh and Viviana got married on Thursday and we were honoured to be invited to their post-wedding dinner. After appointments but before the festivities, we did a mini gallery crawl in Chelsea. The highlights: Saint Clair Cemin’s sculptures (left) and Alex Katz’s oversized cut outs (right).

4B023568-0D9F-4A3E-B703-1F35996811DDWe went straight from the dinner to the Megabus and a 12 hour ride back to Toronto. The bus trip is always part of the adventure, though we were pretty tired out by all the walking and eating. But taking in culture — whether it be a dumb comedy or high art — and celebrating a happy marriage is so energizing!

(Note: I pretty much slept all day upon our return.)