Hot Couture

36908385-3AD6-463D-84C4-7ECCFBC43277.jpegI’ve been in Las Vegas attending the COUTURE jewelry and watch convention (you can read all about it on Watchonista). The show was fun and enlightening but it is also super hot here. Like 40°C hot, and while it is a dry, desert heat, and I knew that it would be like living in a furnace, I still forgot to pack a hat or sunglasses. So I picked up these anti-sunstroke machines from one of the many discount souvenir shops along the Las Vegas strip. If I was to say Las Vegas had a fashion aesthetic, it would be Souvenir Shop Chic.

4A98AC31-095D-492F-9502-BCBE3395FD1AI kind of like this over-the-too look. And while I didn’t have time or inclination to battle the elements to go to thrift shops, I like to think that the dusty nature of these cheap boutiques is comparable to the thrill of the hunt of second-hand shopping.

7ECFB570-E232-4FA4-B792-1910818BD850Packing was tricky because I knew that I would be travelling through overly air conditioned ballrooms and super hot outdoor events. But I still managed to sweat through every thing I brought. I bought an oversized, tacky poker print shirt, which I wore kimono-style to the Watchonista party because my planned ensemble was inappropriate for out-of-doors events.

And yesterday I bought this t-shirt and palazzo pants at Ross, the Las Vegas equivalent of Winners. They should work well on my upcoming trip to Berlin. I hope it’s not one of those “this made more sense in the climate it was purchased in” outfits.

7160526B-CDED-4B4B-BA75-8088DF5C061C.jpegI also neglected to bring two proper pairs of shoes. When one is on one’s feet all day. One needs to alternate shoes to give the feet a break. After two days in the same footwear, my toes were in agony. So I bought these Minnetonka mules at one of the “Indian Trading Post” souvenir shops.