Lucky Charm

4A1DDA1F-DE02-4184-8B01-47F3B93496E5Before I left for Las Vegas, while working on a jewellery purge, I came across a sterling silver charm depicting two dice with a tag marked with the desert city’s name. I meant to attach it to my travel charm bracelet before I left so that I could wear it there for luck (or at least as a conversation piece).

All of the charms in this bracelet are from places that habe some meaning in my life. Apart from the dice, there is an an enamelled shield of Ontario and a wild rose representing Alberta.

5890D2E0-AFC2-4EA8-995C-536898DA3F9F.jpegThere are also little silver souvenirs such as the provincial crest of Ontario, a thistle (Scotland), the Eiffel Tower, the House of Parliament (Ottawa),  a maple leaf, the provincial crest of Quebec, a map of Florida, a horse’s head from Siena, enameled Dutch clogs, a cod fish (Newfoundland), a cable car (San Francisco) and a Big Nickel from Sudbury. Most are vintage.

It obviously doesn’t have charms from every place that I’ve been. The rules for joining my charm school are simple. When I find them and if I’ve been there, I will add the charm to the bracelet.