Feet First

0F1B0D75-99D9-4537-BFCC-EC5C8E46C7F6It’s been a rough week and I’m too tired today to do anything except post pictures of various summer shoes. Enjoy!

Above: Miniso socks and sandals.

A131315A-FF99-43B1-8EDE-F42820684882.jpegAbove: H&M leather slip ons.

CE8B6E1A-C15A-4169-89AE-DA35E81A89A8Uniqlo U sandals and Flying Tiger Socks.

17D5511A-6572-472B-9800-DA78B2031A9FVintage John Fluevog for Comrags clogs.

02B0913A-0D52-4B40-9C20-1E84148DFA5D.jpegTeva for Hudson’s Bay sandals and Miniso socks (plus abandoned Birkenstock).