Mall Haul

605540B0-9C00-4E3C-8ACF-9398BC9B9438I was in North Carolina last week to cover a Longines event and let’s just stay that our hosts took very good care of us and as a result I may have put on a few pounds. As a result, some of the clothes I planned on packing for my Paris jaunt were a little snug. So I decided to try and walk it off with a trip to the Dufferin Mall.

62970D5A-69BB-4241-A00D-6EF94DA1B9E2I had already spotted a pseudo tuxedo cardigan at the Walmart. I thought it might make a good layering piece for the cooler, European climate. Whilst there, I also bought a simple black skirt. And then the Bluenotes was closing down and everything was priced between $2 and $5 bucks so I bought a bleached muscle shirt, a mesh overlay peplum tshirt, a cute black cotton top ( not pictured) and a pinky, draped tshirt.


I ended up only bringing the jacket and the mesh top with me. It will no doubt become my travelling ensemble for the flight home tomorrow.