A Few Old Finds

6E98FEA0-BF5D-4063-AB90-5E8FD71E5875I went to the Vintage Clothing Show and Sale last weekend. I bought a few bags of broken jewellery which yielded a few treasures, including this Edwardian locket. It was broken in two, but the sparkling pastes and bloomed gold finish made it worth rescuing. Fixing the hinge was beyond my repair skill capabilities so I just superglued it together.

CF9991CF-A302-40D8-A371-E6F15768AA7FThere was also this cool brass and enamel pin. It’s probably some sort of fraternal symbol from (I think) the early 20th century, but I don’t really know what it represents.

2C3AB1CA-3E87-47FB-A3E2-78048960CD3CAnd there was this super cute, plastic Highland Terrier pin, which I think dates from around the 1930s or 1940s.

It’s becoming rarer and rarer to find things from the the early 20th century. Especially in $2 junk bags. So these things made me very happy indeed.