Scary Monsters

Halloween is everyday from today until October 31. I get so excited about All Hallow’s Eve that I can’t stop buying costumes and decorations. Above is a sheer Sheet Ghost get up from Dollarama.

897B8744-0B79-48ED-BBE4-C60C1382A840Dollarama is the best and the worst place for spooky stuff. Best because it’s got lots of cool skull stuff, like this light up necklace that I’m going to use to decorate our porch for trick or treaters. Worst because, you know, environmental anihilation.

1F70AB51-FB3A-4073-9CAB-20F731FC7864I do reuse most of my Halloween decorations. And some things I use year-round. For example, I have a few strings of these LED eyeball  lights. But I bought some more so that I could totally encircle our frontage so that all the little ghouls and goblins will know that we are home and that we have treats. And I bought another of these glass mugs so that Andrew and can both indulge in some cold egg nog served from a skull during the festive season.