Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

Y N9E620DCE-C094-4277-B14F-F660B61FDDD9 It was Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday yesterday so I thought I celebrate belatedly today by showcasing some of my Mickey Mouse memorabilia. Of course, I’ll begin with the timepieces. My first was a present from my sister (pictured below) when I was a teen. Since then, I’ve picked up a few plastic pieces along the way. I’ve sold most of them, but I’m kind of partial to these two.

Next up is apparel. I embroidered the mouse on the vintage yellow myself. When I was in high school, I stole an old yellow short sleeved MIckey Mouse sweatshirt  form the costume closet of the Theatre Department. It was my favourite ever top. I found a similar shirt in the $5 trunk at Mama Loves You Vintage, except that top had an ugly stain. So I just covered it up with some needlework.

The other sweatshirt shown here is from Uniqlo.

And finally, a plastic 8 Bit Mickey Keychain from the Dollarama and a Navajo Silver, articulated mouse pendant.