Patched In

792E407E-12F9-4596-B4D8-5BC84D3AD4F9 Just to recap: I had surgery and was expecting to be somewhat waylaid for two weeks while I recovered. I thought I would use this time to catch up on some simple tasks such as reading the stack of books by my bedside, darning my socks and doing some drawing.

i also have a whole bunch of patches to add to my jean jacket. Some are vintage. Some, like the Matt Darling/Bad Vibes Anxiety Ghost and the Stay Home Club laurels (pictured above), are rematches from garments that I don’t own anymore.

I also just got this cool Casio G-Shock patch (and tote bag, pictured below) last week at a watch event — a party that I went to when I should have been at home recouperating and sewing instead.