Mother of Purl

4F84EF3A-6A56-4E31-B2F2-69D9C1BE8C7CI was visiting my mother and sisters on Monday and Tuesday. On the way back to Toronto I stopped by one of my favourite thrift shops. Turns out they are moving and we’re having a giant sale. I picked up an I’m guessing 1970s-era dress with the label Versailles Tricot and a wool D’Allaird’ jacket. I also got a Paco Rabenne umbrella and a  made in Mexico agate necklace all for the princely sum of $8.

19B235B0-F208-4A2D-A4EF-D37B1211B1D0i love wooly knits. They are so comfy and forgiving. As I go through third puberty, I find that I am hot all the time, so the tricot dress is a boon as it is a fine knit fabric and doesn’t make me too warm (tricot was originally used to make bathing costumes and other athletic gear in the age before Lycra).

9BE7A67B-3AEE-4373-8F31-811B531F6D27Today I hit the Value Village in between errands. I lucked out and found this Eileen Fisher ensemble for $12. I adore the idea of Eileen Fisher, and I’ve come across a few pieces at the VV or occasionally deeply discounted at Winners, but they’ve never been the right size and/or have condition issues.

This time I really lucked out. The outit is a colour that suits me. Eileen Fisher is very minimalist so it never really goes out of style.