Day in the Life

210E3478-9336-4754-92BE-87F0394E8ACEIt’s been a busy week work wise. I did some watch shoots for Sharp Magazine which necessitated the pick up, shooting of and returns of various timepieces. This required travel from the East End, near the lake, to midtown. From Yorkville to Yorkdale. And then to the furthest reaches of Etobicoke.

These activities started at 7:30 am and didn’t end until 10 pm. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging, that’s for certain. So I thought I’d share a few photos to give you a little glimpse into my glamorous world.

The call time for the shoot was 9:30. Which was incredibly civilized. I’d picked up most of the watches the day before so step one is getting dressed and going to set. I had a hard time deciding what to wear and when I saw all these cool ladies looking all effortlessly chic in  these light grey shell coats, I felt like going home and changing. But then I reminded myself that I had a long day ahead of me, so what mattered most was endurance.

A63D395C-DC9C-4E01-A896-B014BC0E38FBIt was a really good shoot. Everybody was in festive  spirits and came with great ideas. There were no technological hitches or production glitches and we had a tasty lunch of Vietnamese food.

Returning things is always the toughest part of the job. Picking up is also a logistical trial, but you are driven by the excitement of the creative possibilities of putting an image together. And the adrenaline of making your deadlines also drives you. But running all over town to take things home doesn’t have the same thrill.

D45AE39D-C9E7-4FB2-BA4B-B73CBAC26BABBut it’s part of the job so it’s back on the subway. My last stop was a boutique at Sherway Gardens, a fancy mall with all kinds of fancy decorations. It’s funny but it seemed like all the holiday trimmings and window dressings were designed more as photo props than as ornaments. I overheard one group of shoppers say “are we done with the giant reindeer yet? We still have to get a selfie with the big star!”