Wish List

FFE133C1-51BA-4BC5-B05E-73B2AD9E45BELast week I made a wish list of things I wanted to purchase (but didn’t) in 2018. I posted it on Instagram.

This list consists of: a vintage IWC Porsche design compass watch, which a dealer at the St. Lawrence Antique Market has and is willing to trade for; a loopy cardigan from the Gap; an original Carly Waite Painting from Magic Pony; a Tim Pitsulaak polar bear print fro. The AGO; a Damian Hirst designed Mickey Mouse Swatch; and a KAWs x Sesame Street Cookie Monster from Uniqlo.

The reason I hadn’t bought these babies yet is because I spent my discretionary shopping fund on root canals and crowns. But I was feeling flusher (and foolisher) over the weekend and ended up getting the KAWs and the Damien Hirst (justifying these acquisitions as art investments).

And I got the cardigan deeply discounted in an online Boxing Day sale.

I’ll see if I can swap for the watch on Sunday. The painting, while worth every penny is probably still outside my budget though.