2018 Year View Mirror: Fine Vintages

A269FB3D-763F-4E4A-8C0C-BC09799B4D65I found a lot of vintage mechanical watches. Some I was infatuated with for a spell. Others were acquired expressly for selling in my Gracious Good Etsy shop. But these two really stood out: this 1970s Pierre Cardin Espace by Jaeger LeCoultre and this 1950s Eterna Eternamatic.

2685E447-0FF9-4BFE-BB6D-EE4510189B58I already have another Espace watch but it is lacking its original strap. I bought this blue acrylic version to harvest the band but I can’t bring myself to do it. Also, at $30, it was a damned steal.

F4784E42-FED6-4C5B-91F4-CF1B7AFCB742At $10, the Eterna was an even bigger bargain. Again, the plan was to buy this to then trade up to a vintage IWC that I have my eye on. But I keep procrastinating on that swap because I really love the simplicity of the design and the well loved tropical dial.