Birthday Presents

My younger sister and I are were born only 10 months apart. Instead of giving each other presents, we have hit the January sales, bought ourselves some things and said they were a gift from each other.

I actually did a little pre-shopping last week. I got this leopard print sweater, funnel neck sweater dress and velvet scarf (pictured above) at Joe Fresh Outlet near the Value Village on Victoria Park on Thursday. The rest are things got during this year’s ritual.

In Kitchener, we went back to Joe Fresh and I got this anorak, a front closing bra and a wrap front body suit.

We also went to Old Navy, where I bought a stripey popover, ochre-coloured utilty pants and a ruffle-trimmed sweatshirt.

While I enjoy hanging out with family, I think next year I’d rather go out for lunch than clothes shopping. I have no regrets about my purchases — I did research the stores online to see what was out there that I needed but there were a few impulse buys (the anorak and the velvet scarf) and a few compromises (the leopard sweater is a little tight, but it was $5 and they didn’t have it in my size and the grey sweatshirt is too big).