The Right To Be Cold

img_2377I used to be a Heat Miser. I used to give thanks to my ancestors who slowly miograted from the polar climes of Labrador to the mere subarctic parts, then over to Newfoundland and, eventually, Southwestern Ontario, where it is merely -27°C today.

blog snow bootsAs I get older I find that I like being cold more. Or that I hate being too hot more than being too cold. Some of my favourite things in the world — blankets, sweaters, hot baths — are all built for chilly temperatures. Plus I’ve got the kit for cold: like my Blue Jays hat with ear flaps (pictured up top) and by all-weather Sorels.

img_2380I did find myself lacking in leggings (I think I turned my old leggings into bike shorts last summer) so I picked up two pairs on sale at Old Navy yesterday. Because as much as I’m okay with being a little frosty, it’s -27°C with the wind chill outside. One must dress appropriately for that shizness and leggings are essentially long johns.

img_2393I do love these leggings though. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going back under the blankets.