Shiny Shiny

IMG_2665The grey and dismal weather prevents me from taking good photos outside. It also makes me want to celebrate everything that is not dull, like high shine bags. On Thursday afternoon, I had to leave the house for a BUNZ swap, so I decided to made a quick trip to the Value Village where I bought this Bloomingdale’s Medium Brown Bag to carry my trade home in.

IMG_2664Of course, I already have plenty of shiny sacks, including my fave David Shrigley shopper (pictured up top). And then there’s this patent leather purse that I need to clean (there’s an unsightly smudge on the other side.


So I decided to haul out all of my shiny bags for a little photo essay (even though the indoor light is worse than the outdoor light). And I discovered that the plastic that covers my Hudson’s Bay bag like a 1970s couch was cracked. I’ve never even used it — it still has the tags on it. But because I have too much, it never got into circulation. This is the problem when you have too many things. Objects can decay just as much with neglect as they can with overuse.