Target Practice

killing eve

Unfortunately (fortunately) I was not successful in not buying things in Miami. First of all I was sorely tempted by the garments offered in the shop at the hotel (the Standard Spa). There was a gorgeous green dress that reminded me of the silhouette of this pink tulle Molly Goddard confection from “Killing Eve” but it cost $400 Yankee Dollars so I had to take some time to think about it and I couldn’t stop thinking about it but when I went back to the boutique it was closed for the day and I was never again at the hotel during opening hours.Sabah_061318_011_grande

The hotel was also hosting a popup shop by Sabah shoes. I really wanted a pair of slip on Babas, but again, $190 and not open when I wasn’t working.

target shoe

But you know what was open and was very near the Miami Design District where most of Watches and Wonders was taking place? That’s right, Target. I went in during a lunch break because I took too many photos and my backup battery pack was already drained. And of course I had to cruise through the clearance section to see if there was anything good and of course there was! I found a $7 pair of shearling mules to fill the Sabah void.

target dress

I got this sheer, tiered Who What Wear dress ($20) to semi-approximate the floaty shape of the green dress from the Standard.

I also picked up an oversized plaid blazer ($20) and pleated pants ($7) because they looked good when I tried them on. I also bought a bra and some socks.

Here is me modelling my Miami looks, both the clothes that I packed (above) and the newness (below — okay the black dress and fuzzy slides on the left I also brought with me, but the pants are new and the shoes are also Target from another trip). Click on the pix for full details!

Also, I wish it was spring already so I could wear these things all the time NOW!