Catching Up

IMG_4324.jpgSome days it feels like I’ll never get caught up. Do you know that feeling? On paper, it doesn’t seem like I have more deadlines, or chores to do. Maybe I’m just getting slower at doing the same amount of things.

And this endless series of extreme weather events hasn’t given me much motivation to leave the house. But I did get out a couple of days this week. And I did buy some things. Like the pinky top from Uniqlo and these thrifted Shabbies boots (pictured above).

Since I was at Uniqlo (to buy bras), I also got a KAWS x Sesame Street Elmo sweatshirt and a Uniqlo U dress.


Please note that this was not a big spending spree. I am trying not to buy things. Especially new things. But I did buy some new things and some thrifted things. Like this Italian lambswool hat (so warm, but also I can;t wait until its too hot to wear). I also found this thrifted Adidas XbyO hoodie (I bought the joggers full price a couple of years ago). And this is what the same ensemble looks like on a model.