Handmade’s Tale

508BF901-FB1B-4F52-B57A-4590B754267EI have made some jewellery in my time. I am sometimes shy about sharing it. But today I’m feeling confidant.

In fact, I feel bold enough to pair some of my pieces with some fancier jewels. Pictured up top is a necklace I made by hand-hammering silver wire to make a fringe (I bought the chain—my silver smithing skills never got good enough to manufacture something so delicate).

D761F962-CD01-48E7-8A15-341F93B2269ESpeaking of silversmithing, I took a course where I learned how to bezel set stones. Let me tell you a bit about the gem. My late aunt Nancy had a bit of a jewellery problem (which I seem to have inherited). Once I went to visit her to help her purge stuff from her home office. I came home with a lot of scrap — single earrings, broken chains and unwanted watches. I used the bloodstone from an orphaned earring to make this necklace. The type of stone was also relevant because my dad (her brother) always wore a bloodstone.

Anyway, it turned out pretty much how I envisaged it. I do not wear it enough! I pulled it out of the jewellery box and discovered it looks good with other rings as well.

971BCF43-9571-4D52-B0B4-5577BD9FE56FFinally a non-bijoux bonus. I took a pottery course from my friend Shayne Gix a million years ago. I love ceramics but have no patience for learning all the aspects of the craft. I was happy to make coiled things, like this vase (pictured far left).

It sits on my windowsill alongside pieces by pottery goddesses Julie Moon and Ness Lee. I’m not saying it compares, but it provides a nice backdrop.