More Thrift Scores

4D9DD0CE-7460-454C-A075-B20CFB9BEE51Despite impoverishing myself on hearing aids and dental work, I came into a wee bit of found money and decided to see if I could double my luck by doing some thrifting. I mean above and beyond the second hand shopping I did last week.

Here is some of the treasures that I got. A green Wilfred Free Lorelei Dress (I already have one in grey). I love it ’cuz it’s got pockets!

BF176C16-69A9-4E25-8C8E-B044183F0CF3A Henrik Vibskov striped dress. This is a rare and a super find from the Danish designer. Also avec poches!

A geometric printed open front jacket originally from Old Navy. I owned this coat before. I don’t know why I got rid of it — probably one of those post winter purges where I want to burn everything that reminds me of the cold.

A pair of burnt sienna surgical scrubs. I love the colour and like everything that was popular in the mid ’80s, I’m sure scrubs are making a comeback. I totally shortened them by hacking away with dull scissors. I think I will make them even shorter.

8F909729-1D59-4009-AE04-ECDACBE3FC64I also let some twenty somethings talk me into buying this cotton robe. They told be that the colour was perfect for my complexion and told me I had a good eye and I was flattered and therefore sold. It will be a nice cover up when the weather gets swampy.