Church Ladies

38BD06FC-14C4-46AF-9222-97F8341D55B9I was in my home town for a couple of days for various family-related reasons (New grand niece! Sickly mother). I used my downtime to hit some church rummage sales.

3299E2CE-4961-46FC-8F23-0CDBB13B9F6AAt Presbyterian church I picked up a hobbyhorse because Mr. Andrew and I watched a documentary on a subculture of Finnish girls who take part in Hobby Horse competitions. I was trying to take a picture to send to Andrew when the volunteers jumped on me suspiciously. I was about to explain the Finnish thing but I realized that this was only going to cause more concern. So to explain why I was taking pictures of a toy, I just said “oh my niece just had a baby and I wanted to send her a photo to see if she wanted it or not.

FBD5162E-5A1D-457C-AFA5-EEDB42357951“You have a new baby in your life?” one lady exclaimed. And soon I was surrounded by women proffering toys and swaddling cloths and that led to showing me sewing notions and baskets.

56FD7702-7E72-41B0-A7A7-DF3C3CFA1650Peer pressure is hard. Thankfully everything cost like $6. I had to turn down the complimentary baskets though. Too unwieldy to take home on the bus.