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34DFF249-B4B8-4F37-BFFC-03C0022D4682To keep myself from overpacking, I often tell myself to bring what I think I need as opposed to anticipating every change in the weather or unexpected social situation. “If you do get invited to an ambassador’s reception, you can probably buy something to wear, there.”

One problem with this theory is that I’ll be  on the road and it will be all rainy and I’ll have to buy an umbrella or something even though I have at least six incredible umbrellas at home.

E33F359E-4AC8-4DCB-A3E3-C7F75E8BDB9BLast week I was staying at a hotel and packed for warm spring weather which quickly turned cold. Fortunately I found this gorgeous vintage wool overcoat for just $20. It feels so comfy and I think it suits me well. I did get two days of good use from it before the Spring weather finally arrived. And I don’t have any long winter coats, but still, I have too many winter coats.

166A0169-07FF-486A-8F5E-061BD19DB6F3I am travelling again — this week to Florida for a golf event. The dress code for the course involves wearing a polo shirt, an article of clothing that I did not possess. So I went to the VV to get one. I found this Brooks Brothers top. So hopefully I won’t have to buy anything else.

D7ED99DF-DB55-4FBC-9342-1B6CE486F97ABecause I spent even more money on this blush coloured scrubs top. I plan to work it in a loose, minimalist way.

2D36A26C-F013-4747-8A9B-E98FB154DB64And this velvet blazer. Everybody needs a touch of velvet even if it’s another six months before one can wear it.