5CF671B4-CBB9-45CE-9C52-AA74F568D264I first became aware of the existence of jobbers — businesses that buys goods in bulk and resell them — back in university. There were a couple of these storefronts on Spadina that bought up old stock clothes, textiles and findings. You had to dig deep to find truly great things, but when the hunt paid off, it really paid off.

97705C7B-4486-46D8-BB42-F4A4DBD47FBEAt the same time I discovered a place called Len’s Mill Store in my hometown. Most of the store was dedicated to bolts of fabrics, skeins of wool and all kinds of sewing notions, but it could always be trusted to provide old timey work clothes and staples like t-shirts and other undergarments.

B2832148-2525-42C3-A5E8-110CDE9DEB76I went there on Saturday to stock up on socks (it’s the one place I know where I can reliably get tabi socks) and undies.

I usually also pick up something frivolous because it’s cheap. This time round I purchased an bandana and a Maple Leafs T-shirt.