The Bright Stuff


6EA2E368-393E-4753-9CB7-13F20853983DLast week I visited a whole bunch of Value Villages. And I bought a whole bunch of stuff, including….

6C9F7F90-8029-46BD-9D4E-5679B7DB4BE9…. this cool Scandinavia silver and Amber ring. It’s signed but I can’t make out the maker’s mark.

9AD45573-C360-49DF-B90C-71FE64BA9686And because I feel that the Raptors’s victories rely on me wearing team merch, I bought a t-shirt. It was a Pizza Pizza game give away.

My best scores were found at the Value Village on Queen East. Envisioning the perfect storage solution, I bought this hat box (only to discover that it slightly too small for the chapeaux that I imagined filling it. And a sunny yellow enamel kettle (even though I avoid hot liquids).

And I got a bag of broken jewelry that contained both this 1940s era Czech brooch and this much more contemporary Friends With You pin (amongst others).

Finally, I found a Hoselton loon sculpture and this intriguing clay sculpture of what I think is a tiger. It looks like it was something a high school kid maybe made in art class. Or it could be the work of a mad genius. I don’t know. I actually left it on the shelf then went back to the store to retrieve it.