Watching the Watches

041685BD-7B31-4024-94FD-59DE2CE58279First of all, I’d like to announce that I’m doing a big watch purge. Visit my Etsy shop Gracious Good and check out the many interesting timepieces that I have up for sale.

A764F268-8B96-4FE6-A301-B2A6C094F186Perhaps the best watch in the shop right now is this Gucci 11/12. This is the third version of this classic eighties timepiece that I have owned. Which is why I’m setting it free — I don’t have room for all the watches I do have, let alone three variants of the same thing.

0C773FEB-C29E-4EB3-915C-F89B2AE9F7C3What are my purge goals? I haven’t really defined them. Sometimes I think I’d like to get rid of everything and start all over again. But for now I want to focus on focussing my collection to the timepieces that I really love and wear on a regular basis.

E05B1265-21D0-42BB-8B67-27C8F0468CC2This is going to be hard.