Good Gutta Percha

79897668-63D5-44FC-9419-81D36A81C096Found this Gutta Percha locket at the St. Lawrence Antique Market last Sunday. It is perhaps the most glorious locket I have ever come across.

Gutta Percha is a thermoplastic substance which is the coagulated latex of certain Malaysian trees. Jewelry makers started using it in the 1840s, its brownish-black appearance made it perfect for mourning jewelry.

9A7D8369-549A-4512-BF6A-2A10DD0C71F7This piece is particularly lovely for two reasons—the moulded fuchsia motif on the outside and the charming hand-tinted photos on the inside.

E86E8081-DAD7-4CC4-B15E-884F686D0F36Right now I’ve got it hanging from my Victorian book chain necklace.