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AFBBA79E-6F21-4E45-8B67-92CB26371550Even though I’m in the midst of a watch purge, I’m still managing to acquire new timepieces, like this super mod, acrylic jump hour timepiece that I picked up at the Value Village in Kitchener last Friday.

C372AF23-A302-4EB6-87AD-A0028CA393D6Believe it or not, this is the first working mechanical Direct Read watch that I’ve ever owned. It’s nothing fancy — it’s powered by a one jewel movement— but it’s keeping good time. Plus I’m a sucker for see through watches.

2F96F3EC-BDD0-4AFE-8FB8-A9C46EA53679Originally it would have a had a clear strap as well. I have a spare NOS one somewhere in my house. That’s another motivation for purging — hopefully as I clean up and clear out I’ll find things like my stash of straps!