Marimekko Me

9FA2C05E-9F3C-4073-94C6-D6AF3C9569EDWhen I was in KW for my mom’s birthday, I also paid a visit to the Value Village there. I was staying for two days but realized en route that I had forgotten to pack the dress that I planned to wear on the second day of the trip.

While I knew that I could probably get away with wearing my pajama dress on the bus home (not a great look, but at least I wouldn’t be arrested for indecency). But I thought that if I just happened to find a cool gown for cheap, well I wouldn’t be upset.

FF027989-E4C7-4B6B-91E6-6BA543CD2C86And the fates of thrift were very kind, offering up this classic Marimekko dress. I  never say no to the label anyway (I dig the  Finnish design ethos and their garments always have pockets) but this particular dress fits well and I think makes me look cute (no pix, but trust me).