Fine Print

FF509A89-C948-44D3-BD68-1C4BEAA1F338Took a trip to the Value Village yesterday, where I got a fun two-fer! I spotted this  photo of a lady that looked like Shirley MacLaine and sure enough it turned out to be an autographed 8×12″ glossy of the actress.

4F7AEA71-5F7F-4AA6-9934-762E264C7FA2The picture looks to have been taken in the 1990s. The ink has faded but you can still make out the inscription “To Matthew, Love & Light, Shirley MacLaine.”

4CAC7F97-6F7B-4CEA-B469-B0E8918EBE2FIn the same bag was a numbered Picasso Lithograph by Les Éditions Braun, Paris. Adolph Braun was a famous French photographer who also used his printing skills to reproduce famous works of art. Which helped popularize art education  amongst the masses. As Picasso becomes even more popular at auction, even these numbered editions are becoming more valuable.