DIY Days

I am currently going  through the slowest purge ever. I have so many unfinished art and craft projects that I can’t bring myself to throw out and I get new ideas for things that I want to create.

So over the long weekend, I vowed to consolidate the two goals by taking clothes that I don’t reach for and bedazzling them into something that I would wear.

01F65AD1-733E-419A-90C7-7E99C420C9F4My first concept involved taking a vintage baseball jersey and giving it the ol’ Homemade Merch treatment (it was too boring to wear without a team name on it. The only problem is that I didn’t know what words to appliqué on.

Then it came to me in a dream. “Witches. Not a real team name but a word that has a lot of power (without being too sweaty).

70CC40A5-B6BE-4263-8460-1E939BC0C3FAMy next experiment was an idea I had for Thunderpants. I took a pair of joggers that I bought in New York when all my other clothes got soaked in a rainstorm and painted bolts on them.

This concept was less successful in execution because the sparkly silver paint didn’t have as much contrast against the navy blue fabric. And my shapes could have been more defined.

I am going to try and fix this with another coat of paint. Wish me luck!