B85E5F84-0E5F-4D49-97FC-FF2F81D46C7AI had some appointments out in Etobicoke last week so I took the opportunity to visit some of the more remote thrift shops of the GTA.

Pickins were slim, but I managed to talk myself into buying these two rings. The brass and malachite number is a beaut. I love it’s rough- hewn quality and domed silhouette. And the stone just glows — something I’ve never really seen in malachite before. But at $12 I probably paid too much for it.

Ring number two is a deco-style Cameo ring. As much as I can’t resist a cameo, I should have said no to this ring because the carving was loose in the setting. In hindsight, it was probably not original to the piece. At any rate, the cameo fell out. I am now searching for a replacement stone or something.

The moral of the story, in the immortal words of Motörhead, is that sometimes the chase is better than the catch.