Not Fabulous Fakes

41E248F6-507A-43DF-8F95-77AA890E78E8.jpegI did it again. I went to the VV yesterday. The purse section was filled with knockoff Longchamp and Goyard bags, but I somehow convinced myself that this Dooney and Bourke briefcase was the real deal. I did a quick Google search and found similar styles. The lining was suede. And it lacked the frayed stitches and strange cellphone pocket that most knockoffs have. I let my greed override my better judgment and I felt the weird adrenaline rush of putting one over on whoever sorts and prices these things.

But on the bus ride home, it didn’t take long to realize that the bag was a fake. The edging looked cheap, the hardware isn’t brass, the outside label wasn’t stitched on and the inside label was all wrong (not fabric, not Red, White and Blue) stuck on. Now these little signs seem so obvious.

I’ll remove the labels and hope that because it’s leather it will hold up long enough that I can get $13 worth of life from it. And hopefully it will remind me not to be so greedy and over confident.