Watch Witch

7E1B2B2E-76AA-4A2E-B1DB-251E4D5E57BDSometimes I wake up in the morning with a strong feeling that if I go out and hunt, I will find something terrific. On Sunday, I awoke with a premonition that if I could just haul my carcass out of the house, I would be rewarded with a watch.

So I trekked down to the St. Lawrence Antique market where I picked up three fine finds for just ten bucks!

8634C4D4-D2EC-4593-AA31-6D137987C364The best one is this 1940s or ’50s Military style watch fro  E. Gubelin — a high end jeweller in Lucerne. The dial has aged to a light salmon colour and it running like a champ.

3BCB97DC-A06B-4DE5-9297-5B663D736BCEI am also fond of the blue sunray hue of this Seiko Automatic from 1982. It is also keeping time like a champ, but the applied logo has come loose. Resetting it should be simple.

F2011F5D-AC57-4A8D-9B75-9435124CFE82And finally, I also picked up this brutalist Vendôme Watch. I reckon it dates from the 1970s. It is also running well. There were a couple of other watches I could have bought but they weren’t working and I am trying to avoid anything that needs repairs.