A Few Good Finds

F3A487D5-98A9-47CA-89C1-45A6D92D52DAI was pretty good about not buying stuff in July. I only purchased one thing for myself (a thrifted lightweight dress by Barbara Lang Paris because it’s so dang hot). And I found a couple of awesome treasures that are bound for the Etsy shop  next week (I just need time to take some better pictures).


The top treasure has got to be this Judith Leiber snakeskin belt that I got at Mama Loves You Vintage. If it had fit me I would have been sorely tempted to keep it for myself.

F9A4912F-5684-40A0-B78E-DB3172C46E1CThe second best find was this 1990s-era Naf Naf jumpsuit from the Value Village. Again, wish I could add it to my wardrobe, but it’s a little snug.

7B144927-5333-42C5-BA71-473B23D250DC.jpegAnd finally, I visited Abraham’s antiques on Queen West and picked up these two celluloid pieces. I hardly ever come across early Plastic from the 1920s to ‘30s sobi was super excited to see thsm.