Happy Anniversary

5080FE51-A325-4930-91EF-74520A23C873I just realized that I’ve been doing this blog for over 10 years. It is a pretty self indulgent endeavour—a place where I can practice writing like a pianist runs scales. At times it has been a medium to promote myself. It’s also a platform to advertise my Etsy shops. But mostly it’s been a fun space to express myself and to document all the crazy things I’ve done, found and researched over the past decade.

705A625F-E414-4441-A11F-567826DD2460Yes, Gracious, Good is a place to express myself, I am eternally grateful to everyone who reads this blog. I hope you enjoyed my scribblings and I appreciate all the feedback that you’ve given. Here are some pictures of my most recent thrift shop finds (black coral necklace, light up eyeball ring, and lucite bangles) along with some older faves (diamond-shaped rhinestone necklace, nail-shaped ring, and malachite ring) as a thank you!