41D880FD-D7C6-41AC-9E3E-8872B76492E3I think I have been relying too much on buying things to make my blog (and myself) more interesting. At the beginning of Second Hand September I made a promise not to buy anything new but also not to buy anything for myself. So when it comes time to write for the blog, I’m semi stumped.

I realize that I could write about things I already have in more depth. And I promised that I would try and create more of my own things. But I’ve been lazy.

I haven’t exactly been in bed all day lazy—we’ve had good visits with friends and family. But I could be a little more motivated for doing stuff instead of buying stuff. I guess that’s one good thing about giving oneself challenges like this — it makes you examine one’s motivations.

So here’s a picture of a collage that I did. I remembered that one of my goals of this no spending month was to work on unfinished projects and my book of graphic poetry was high on the to do list.