September Song

4304A29D-9176-42EC-A541-3614B8711508So we come to the end of Secondhand September, a month meant to encourage folks to not buy anything new. On top of that, I challenged myself to not buy anything at all.

AA4C948E-34C2-4233-ACE4-F4B3CAD12F0FSo how did I do? Not well. I bought a Halloween cape on September 1st. Then I found a Burberry trench coat at National Thrift (at least it wasn’t new). Then I went to New York and bought some reissued Target Collaborations from Missoni and Hunter.


But that’s not all, I also got this crazy cat T-shirt from Five Below. And a Who What Wear leopard print tent dress from Target.

32E728E1-AFC0-4F43-BA07-7AE417D17238And finally, in California, I picked up a Who What Wear ruffled top from the clearance section (I found that I had underpacked) at Target. So basically, I fared quite badly this month. So I shall endeavour to try again in October.