Wishlist 2019

8420CFA7-D033-4F7A-853D-D7B95B68047DI’m not a big fan a Christmas. I like giving presents but I prefer to do it Year-round, not based on a scheduled holiday. And I don’t really like getting presents.

But I do like making wishlists of things I want. It helps me set goals. I like to think that if I just stick to the list I won’t spend all my money and waste space on impulse buys. This never happens. But here is my list anyway.

Clockwise from top left: Snoopy Dance Walker windup Happy Meal Toy; Martin Margiela Split Toe Boots; Kent Monkman plate; Gary Baseman Blackie the Cat doll.

D3A05786-3075-4C4A-BF30-04BBE09D86BABTW, here’s my wish list from last year: a vintage IWC Porsche design compass watch; a loopy cardigan from the Gap; a Carly Waite Painting from Magic Pony; a Tim Pitsulaak polar bear print from the AGO; a Damian Hirst designed Mickey Mouse Swatch; and a KAWs x Sesame Street Cookie Monster from Uniqlo. I got everything but the IWC and the Tim Pitsulaak.