A Little Shop

AD173A68-E1C0-43C6-A1EE-E978F3E88B0AI am in a constant struggle with shopping. I am really good at it I think. But I certainly don’t need anything. Especially clothing.

Except that getting dressed is a creative outlet for me. And while my closet is a virtual tickle trunk full of costumes to play with, sometimes I feel like I’m lacking that one key piece that will pull everything together.

Lately, for example, I’ve had a feeling that with the right mustard-coloured sweatshirt and a geometrically printed midi-length skirt, I will have all the elements to create a timeless, Dries van Noten look. Which led me to Joe Fresh because I thought I’d seen such things on their website.

Long story short, they didn’t, but they did have a bunch of things on sale including (pictured above) this denim wrap jacket that I had had my eye on in the summer, these woven pants and a pair of striped trousers (pictured below) that I think I can wear in winter if I can get a nice cream coloured top from Uniqlo.

E2149851-AB79-49EC-A3A2-38B7FD2D1A4FThough I’m still on the lookout for the skirt and sweatshirt.