6B9B27E8-AED7-434D-A7CA-02636A4D5FA9As a kid, I would often repurpose household objects and turn them into luxurious accessories. For example, a towel tied around my head would become a thick flowing mane of hair. Bugles stuck on my fingers became a fancy manicure. A cat would become a mink stole.

One of my favourite things to create was rings. I would collect stray bits of copper wire from building sites and twist them into stabby little bands.

These days I fantasize about living a zero waste life by transforming all of our disposables into art or accessories. Today, in fact, I placed the plastic pull tab from a carton of chocolate milk on my finger (as I always do). And then I thought, what if I decorated it and made a real ring. So I got out a Sharpie and doodle on it?

So I did. It’s light and easy to wear. I think it would be fun to wear a fistful of them. If you had kids, it would be a fun to collect these pulls have crafternoon decorating them. The only problem is that size-wise, they are probably too big for children to wear. And what fits on the ring finger of a grown adult would slide off their pinkie.

Anyway fun!