Hospital Haul

CAB7A364-6B7D-492E-9B2D-4EE86C8615BAMy world is my house and hospitals at the moment, so you’d think I would have little opportunity to acquire new things. You would be wrong. Here is some of my surgery swag.

First, a thing I didn’t get: when I checked in, they dressed me in these cool Panama bottoms. I liked the retro pattern  and seriously thought about stealing them. During the pre-surgery period, they also gave me a little foam headrest, which I openly admired. The nurse said I could take it home if I wanted, that they were only going to toss it for sanitation reasons. Satisfied that I got something, I left the pjs behind. Although I accidentally stole the pillowcase the headrest came in.

2FFFA360-ED9E-4E39-B299-2E3FEAF85987In recovery, they also provided a pair of slippers with little treads on them (they have you up and walking the same day when you get knee surgery). So I got to keep those too (they might make good river shoes for the summer). Please also note the beauty of the German and French translations of rubber soled slipper.

19068C46-F8C2-498E-ADA0-239A0E7F850AAnd upon discharge, I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a bunch of prescriptions. My gift with purchase? A little thermal bag advertising something called Lovenox, which I imagine is a pleasant drug that makes a lady made short-tempered by pain and medications seem adorable.