Precious Memories

77B6E2A3-CD5E-43BE-A263-6D4BE97BE172It’s been three weeks since my knee surgery. I have been essentially housebound since then, partially because I’m still physically limited travel-wise but also because the winters weather is cane and frame unfriendly.

I am also still working, writing from home. But there is still so much that I wanted to accomplish in my downtime — write a novel, record a podcast, make funny videos from my sickbed — that I haven’t even started yet because it seems to take me twice as long to finish basic things like getting dressed or brushing my teeth. And the twice-daily physio is exhausting.

Sometimes I feel glum about how little I’ve accomplished in three weeks, so today I will celebrate the small achievements. Namely, I finally finished reading one of the many books on my nightstand (Lake Success by Gary Shteyngart — a clever take on capitalism and Trumpian society) and I cleaned up all the unnecessary pictures  on my phone.

Both acts involved lots of watches. Both crossed of the to-do list (Though I will preserve some photo of me wearing fancy watches here).