All I Want

0EE04A1B-0DA8-4FA2-9E6E-5ACE936299E2It’s funny to think that one event could change one’s world view so drastically but now, two weeks after having  a knee replacement, I have become even more obsessed with having clothes with pockets in them.

Specically, I know regret and pocketless garment I have ever owner. They are all garbage too me now. This also includes clothes that have pockets that are too shallow or inaccessible.

I have also become obsessed with outfits that exist as a vehicle for pockets. Like a pinafore or apron that you could wear over a dress that lacks pockets. I saw lots of pretty ones on the interwebs, but it’s really a thing I need right now, so I can be hands-free whilst working the walker and cane.

Mr. Andrew went out and found me this poly-pocketed apron. But I still kinda wanna get one of the pretty ones.