Virtual Insanity

BE7CAAAA-97C6-42D2-BB29-8C9A1EEBF4D6It’s been four weeks since my knee surgery. I am getting stronger and more mobile everyday, we even went to dinner with our friend Craig on Sunday. But basically, it’s like learning how to walk all over again and it’s exhausting having to concentrate on telling your muscles how to work with every step.

The silver lining is that not only am I physically unable to go shopping in brick and mortar stores, I haven’t had the energy or focus to buy online either.

Until now, that is. The last couple of nights when I couldn’t sleep, I found myself searching eBay for vintage watches and watch-related accessories. I made a few offers but always got outbid (good for my bank account). But then I spotted this dainty Universal Genève with a Buy It Now that fell into my $36 budget so violà — my birthday present to myself.

This is the seller’s picture. Will share a better image when she arrives.